Why would you choose steam cleaning over a chemical carpet cleaning?

Why would you choose steam cleaning over a chemical carpet cleaning?

Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) carpet cleaning leaves your carpets truly clean. It thoroughly removes all of the pollutants in the carpets. We use mild detergents to assist the high pressure high temperature cleaning which dissolves the dirt. Then the dirty water is extracted from your carpet. No harsh chemicals are left in the carpet.

The dry chemical cleaning method leaves in not only chemicals, but also pollutants and allergens. There is a significant amount of chemical residue left behind with this method. Although it can make your carpet look nice, the "dry" method does not extract all of the dirt but redistributes it throughout the carpets by using a circular rotation type of cleaner. Because of this circular rotation system, it does not keep the carpet's proper texture. This method often requires more frequent cleanings in order to maintain the clean look of the carpets.


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