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Window Cleaning & Washing Service

The Sky's the Limit!

  • Clean all window screens.
  • Clean all window frames inside and out.
  • Open all windows and remove gunk from window tracks.
  • Scrub and squeegee all window panes inside and out (we remove stickers, tape, paint etc).
  • If you have them, we clean your skylights and/or solar panels.
  • Window Cleaning for Residential, Commercial, & Offices.

  • Surface cleaning solutions employed by Coastal Pride Carpets and Window Care are more impressive than those bought off your local grocery or hardware store.

    It is due to the capacity of these products and methods to breakdown non-soluble such as stuck up grime. It also lubricates the glass windows to prevent rain drop from staining. Other hard to clean substances consist of mineral deposits, rust, hard water buildups and bird's poop.

    When selecting a window cleaning professional, look for companies that take care of our environment. To ensure you get the best window cleaning in the Santa Barbara area makes use of eco-friendly methods.

    Window washing done right!

    We offer enviromentally
    friendly products.

    No Water? No Problem! Coastal Pride Carpet has its own FRESH WATER TANKS to do the job when the water has been turned off.
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If you are looking for discounts or coupons for Coastal Pride Carpet and Window Care, we are a professional cleaning firm that offers high quality services at discounted rates. We offer discounts and coupons for carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure/power washing. We have no hidden fees or costs.

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